17 Ideas to Improve Your Focus

  1. Turn your phone on “Do Not Disturb” — you’ll get much more done, because the buzzing won’t take you out of the zone.
  2. Similarly, use a chrome extension like StayFocused etc. to limit your facebook/reddit/twitter/etc usage.
  3. Do something easy before you do something hard — ease your way into the task at hand. My mind wanders if I try something hard right off the bat.
  4. Sit facing a wall — visual distractions in the distance are tough for me to ignore. You might find a blank wall helps you focus.
  5. Chewing gum sometimes helps me focus, gives my mind and body something to put on the backburner, instead of fidgeting
  6. Use coffee responsibly and stay hydrated. Coffee can help, though.
  7. You might try fasting first thing in the morning. I get sleepy on a full stomach, so I skip breakfast and morning fast keeps my mind sharp for work
  8. Alternatively, eat something. You may find hunger a distraction, so eat. If you’re tired, rest.
  9. Music always helps me focus and block out external noise. I listen to Chillhop whenever I need to get in the zone. Use headphones
  10. Get up earlier — it’s easier to focus when nobody is awake and the world is quiet. Alternatively, stay up super late — work as a night owl
  11. Exercise, and breathe deeply. Getting the body going and blood pumping helps me
  12. Take a walk. Get away from your work for a while. Breaks are important.
  13. Make a bet with someone else. It’ll be easier to stay focused when you have something on the line if you don’t get your task accomplished.
  14. Think of something you’re grateful for, and then visualize your project being done. What does success look like? I do this every morning; it’s super helpful.
  15. Read about how to do your work more efficiently. If you can do it more easily, you’ll have to focus for less time. Copy how the experts do it.
  16. Upgrade your sleep. There are plenty of resources on the web to learn how. Better sleep = more rested = clearer mind
  17. Set a timer, work for 30 minutes, then take a break. The official method is 25 minutes: The Pomodoro Technique®

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