3 daily habits of millionaires that you probably don’t want to hear

I’ve studied the habits of over a hundred high performers across industries. You may not like what I’ve found, though:

Even though they won’t admit it publicly, top performers are always refining their lists of who to talk to and deleting people they no longer can tolerate.
  • They only talk to people they know and like — Successful people value their time so highly that they don’t spend time with people they don’t already know and like. They constantly remove people from the list when they don’t enjoy those people anymore, too — nobody wants to hear that, but it’s true.

Top performers ruthlessly plan their days, including huge chunks of time dedicated to deep work on hard problems — sounds fun, right?
  • They a lot of spend time alone, at the expense of other fun activities — This is two parts: mindfulness and deep work. Mindfulness = a habit what allows you to clear your head and think — could be running or a drinking tea or sitting alone in a dark room. Deep work = hours of uninterrupted hard work on a difficult project. For most successful people, this time alone means they will not schedule meetings, events, dinners, time with friends, etc during the day.

Top performers read about their industry. They also read about things they know nothing about, fostering breadth and depth of knowledge.
  • They read more than you do — Some read fiction, others non-fiction, but successful people read. And they read a lot. I’ve found, on average, the most successful people read 50+ books per year. (Most successful people do not consider reading blogs or news as real reading.) That’s about a book per week.

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