Are you falling for this myth about your career?

There’s one specific career myth I see all the time in 20-somethings…

Do you want to do something impactful but you’re waiting for more qualifications, experience, or permission?

There’s a way you can do important work today, and the only reason you’re not trying is because of an ages-old career myth.

I’m here to tell you a BIG SECRET of the professional world:

  • Almost everyone is making everything up as they go

Sure there are notable exceptions. Doctors aren’t making things up (or are they?) Surely, engineers know what they’re doing?

It’s funny once you start talking to engineers and doctors (I have), you start to realize there’s a lot of room for making things up in those professions, too. I’ve spoken with civil engineers who go back and forth on the best way to balance structural integrity with budgetary concerns. Almost every doctor has a story about misdiagnosis.

In industries less regimented than medicine and engineering, there’s even more leeway for making things up. In real estate or finance or law or even government, professionals are trading phone calls and hoping to create a solution to new problems. They’re going around gatekeepers and finding an audience, funding, or expertise in places that aren’t newpapers, big banks, or universities (respectively).

While I don’t think you’ll be scrubbing up in the OR tomorrow, the point of this post is to show how much room there is for creativity. If you want to do something eventually, why not try it now?

Peter Thiel (billionaire investor) famously challenges people to examine their long-term goals and seriously consider: Could I do this in the next 6 months?

As the internet shrinks the world, it is becoming easier to get the connections, money, or knowledge you need to create something extraordinary. It’s easier to publish a book, start a business, or execute a project today than it has ever been.

Often, if you look hard at your goals, the only thing holding you back is the “qualification-experience-permission myth.”

I write about building a network and career as an introvert for my insider’s list

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