Freelancing on Upwork: Is it worth it?

A lot of writers say bidding for jobs on Upwork is a race to the bottom. If you’re writing on Upwork, you’ll have to charge rock-bottom prices to land contracts.

On the other hand, there are stories of people making six figures writing on Upwork. They’ve gotten reviews and cracked the code for landing the few high-paying clients on the site.

I decided to test Upwork for the next year, and I’m documenting my journey here.

Starting from scratch

This morning, I got the email that my brand new Upwork profile has been approved:

The Upwork seal of approval

So I’m going to spend today applying to a bunch of jobs. I’ll use Medium to document my successes & failures.

Here’s what my profile looks like:

My beginner Upwork profile

I’m thinking about adding a video on my profile, too. Seems like an easy way to differentiate myself and add a personal touch.

I’ll do some research today on what the profiles of top freelancers on Upwork look like.

My challenges

Even though my profile says I’m based out of King’s County, New York I’m not there right now. I’m in Gulu, Uganda.

Being in Uganda for the next few weeks will make it difficult to coordinate Skype calls with potential clients.

In two weeks I’ll start moving around Uganda and East Africa. Travelling will make it difficult to keep up with clients. I think I’ll have to limit myself to short-term and one-off projects.

Since your success on Upwork is 100% tied to your reputation, I need to develop systems for giving 5-star service from Africa. Especially for my first few clients.

I’ll check back in a few days to let you know how things are going and if I land my first Upwork client.

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Part 2 of the series is here.

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