The biggest marketing mistake I see B2B technology companies making…

Let’s go back to marketing fundamentals…

They make their content — blogs, white papers, press releases — sound like one big advertisement. Then, it doesn’t get shared because it’s not an interesting story.

The typical technology company focuses too much on features of their product or service. They’re so enamored with the thing they’ve built that they forget to clearly articulate why it’s useful in the first place.

One of the core tenets of good marketing is to focus on the benefit to the customer. While you may love all the cool features of your technology product, your marketing has to answer the question: “How does this technology make someone’s life easier?”

Always focus on benefits instead of features.

Engaging your audience requires an interesting angle, some kind of “hook” that people will want to know about. In other words, make it about what your app/software/IT solution can do for real people, instead of sounding like an infomercial.

For example, I recently wrote a white paper for an IoT solution used in manufacturing. But instead of talking about all the cool features of the software and its statistical analysis, I came up with a “hook” about how statistical software leads to more efficient production and quicker discovery of bottlenecks. That story worked because the managers and executives buying the software want to know about tangible benefits form using the product.

Talking about the features of your product is such a huge mistake for most technology companies. Marketing is about telling a great story and illustrating how your product solves problems for real people.

The good news is, since so many technology companies make this mistake, there’s massive upside to getting your marketing message right. Remember the key is to come up with an interesting angle… If you just do that, you’re gonna win.

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