Vue Static Sites: Why I Chose Gridsome Over VuePress or Nuxt

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Vue Static Site Generators — which one is best?

What is a static site?

A little background for anyone who doesn’t know. If you already know about static sites, feel free to skip this section.

A static web page (sometimes called a flat page or a stationary page) is a web page that is delivered to the user’s web browser exactly as stored, in contrast to dynamic web pages which are generated by a web application.

Basically, with a static site, we can throw a bunch of files on the internet, point a server at those files and call it a day. Everybody on the internet will see the exact same output from those files.

VuePress: too documentation focused

VuePress is what powers the official VueJS site and it’s from the creators of Vue, so it must be good right?

Nuxt: overkill for what I needed

Nuxt is an entire Vue framework with opinionated settings and bootstrapped components. It had everything I needed and more, but it came with a learning curve. One that was too steep for just setting up a simple static site.

Gridsome: my winner for Vue static sites

Gridsome comes bootstrapped with an intuitive folder structure and easy-to-learn routing. Creating and linking pages is easy in your static site, and Gridsome doesn’t impose the same page hierarchies and structures as I found in VuePress.

The End Result

This site is (obviously) not done — in need of content and some work to make it more usable for the marketing team.

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