Why Every Developer Should Keep a Daily Code Journal

Writing down how and why you solved coding problems every day will make it easier to start the next day, reveal hurdles in your workflow, and track your growth as a developer.

Setting clear goals and sticking to them

What makes you happy about coding?

This is a non-trivial question you need to answer for yourself. Keeping a journal can help.

Thinking about thinking about code

So many other lessons and benefits

I can hardly list all the benefits I’ve seen from keeping a daily journal. Some more that come to mind off the bat:

  • Having a record of how far you’ve come over a timespan
  • Keeping a written memory of everything you worked on for your resume/portfolio/salary negotiation/etc
  • Flagging things you didn’t understand for later review
  • Saving links to solutions that solved a problem so you can look them up later if you have the same problem

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